To work on Llangollen Railway, you must be a member of the Llangollen Railway Trust. This gives you insurance cover. Active Volunteers must be over-18, but younger people are very welcome in the Youth Group.

All jobs are open to both male and female volunteers. Some jobs are classed as “safety critical” and a higher level of fitness must be demonstrated. We organise regular assessments (medicals) for these roles; examples include Locomotive Crews, Guards and Signallers.

What do you want to do?

Many people want to be a STEAM LOCOMOTIVE DRIVER but it is a long, hard slog to get there.

You will start in the Shed, as a CLEANER, cleaning the engines before the day’s work and learning how they work. Early starts are necessary, by the way! As a Cleaner, you will gradually learn how to fire the engine and manage the boiler. There are operational rules to be learned and exams to be passed before you become a FIREMAN.

From here, you may eventually train to be a DRIVER. Yet more exams and regular assessments to be passed. The whole process will take several years and much dedication to the task.

If you want to drive DIESELS, you could join the DIESEL GROUP or the RAILCAR GROUP.

Again, you help with the maintenance, and learn how they work, starting as a TRACTION TRAINEE and then becoming a SECOND MAN before progressing to DRIVER.

This also entails learning the operational rules and passing exams.

If you fancy restoring CARRIAGES or WAGONS to their former glory, our workshops at PENTREFELIN will welcome you.

The GUARD is responsible for the safety of the train. Only the Guard can give the signal for the train to move. Rules must be learned, and regular exams and assessments to be passed. When only one train is running, Guard also operates the Signal Box at the end of the line to run the Locomotive round the train.

Volunteering on Llangollen Railway

What do you want to do?

The TRAVELLING TICKET INSPECTOR (TTI) is the person that most passengers meet. The TTI travels on the train, checks tickets, issues tickets where applicable, and advises passengers on all sorts of things. The TTI may also assist the Guard with some other tasks.

SIGNALLERS operate the Signal Boxes. There are five Signal Boxes, including one with a Level Crossing to operate. The Signaller controls the movement of trains through the Section using a system of tokens, which are linked to the Signal Boxes at each end of the Section. There are Rules and Bell Codes for the token machines to be learnt, and regular exams to be passed.

The SIGNAL and TELECOMMUNICATIONS (S&T) Department installs and maintains the signalling systems and interlocking mechanisms to the signals.

The PERMANENT WAY Department maintains the track and track bed and offers healthy exercise!

STATION STAFF look after each station. STATION MASTERS run teams who greet passengers and give them information, keep stations tidy and take part in Working Parties to maintain and decorate stations.


This is entirely up to you. You can work as often as you like, (just occasionally if that is all you are able to do). Obviously, the more frequently that you come down, the quicker you will gain the knowledge and experience for what you want to achieve.

If you cannot work regularly, we run many SPECIAL EVENTS, such as our SANTA SPECIALS. Help is always needed for these events.

Please drop us a line at and we will put you in touch with our volunteer co coordinator.

Volunteering on Llangollen Railway


As safety is our number one priority, all newcomers pass a test in Railway Safety Awareness. When you have more experience you graduate to a Personal Track Safety Certificate (PTS). This is so that you understand the dangers, and the correct way to do things when working on or near to the tracks, in the workshops, shed or yards.


If you apply to become an Active Volunteer at Llangollen Railway, you will be given an induction and advice on which department would suit you best. You will be issued with an Identity Card which also allows some concessionary travel.

For those who have an interest in practical LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERING, there are opportunities with any of the locomotive-owning groups who have a base at LLANGOLLEN workshops. The work could include anything from maintenance of locos in our fleet to building new steam engines for the 21st century! If you fancy restoring CARRIAGES or WAGONS to their former glory, our workshops at PENTREFELIN will welcome you.